Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obliterated Onions

It may be counter intuitive to cook a vegetable until the outside is obliterated. The high heat of our oven chars the outside of the onions. When the onions look to be beyond salvation they are done. The moist dense onion is not destroyed. We put the screaming hot onions into a bowl to cool. This also captures any onion juices which are boiling away inside the onions skin. We remove the charred exterior when the onions are cool enough to handle. The onions smell and taste of wood fire. Really they taste of onion skin fire. The flavors permeate the flesh. The onion itself is still only moderately cooked. It is easily sliceable and can be used in raw and cooked applications. It adds depth to guacamole and character to sauces. These onions are part of our flavor foundation.

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